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Smart Phones Versus Dumb People

According to the New England Journal of Medicine a smart person can achieve more with a dumb phone that and dumb person can achieve with a smart phone. The study recommends that people should  purchase phones that match their IQ. The study estimates that this will save consumers over 1.8 billion dollars a year. Shocking!

The Truth About Catfish Whiskers

Most people think catfish sting you with their whiskers. This is not true. They really sting you with a barbed bone in their pectoral fins. Their whiskers are just for looks so people don’t confuse them with carp.

Smart Idea for Cutting Calories and Losing Weight

Did you know that a tablespoon of butter contains 100 calories of pure fat while a tablespoon of salt has zero calories and is fat free? Amazing isn’t it? So next time when buttering toast or making cookies, use salt instead and watch the pounds melt away!

Minced Meats Versus Sweetbreads – Misleading Names for Disgusting Food

Did you know minced meat is actually made from fruit and often doesn’t even contain meat, but sweetbreads aren’t bread at all and are made from animal organs? Isn’t that weird?

Pancakes Are Not Just for Breakfast. Try Them for Lunch Too!

Pancakes are warm and delicious anytime. If you want to eat them for lunch or dinner go right ahead. The recipe is exactly the same but you just make them at noon or at 5pm. Many people think you can get arrested for eating breakfast foods for lunch or dinner but it’s not true!

Caprese Salad is a Delicious Summertime Appetizer

Caprese salad is good anytime but especially in the summer when the key ingredients are in season. Making a caprese salad is easy. Just ask around and I’m sure you’ll find someone who has a great recipe that they can share. Bon Appetit!