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Smart Phones Versus Dumb People

According to the New England Journal of Medicine a smart person can achieve more with a dumb phone that and dumb person can achieve with a smart phone. The study recommends that people should  purchase phones that match their IQ. The study estimates that this will save consumers over 1.8 billion dollars a year. Shocking!

The Folly of Tube Socks

Your foot is not shaped like a tube. It has a bend in it that’s called a heel. Would you buy tube shoes? Of course not. Then don’t buy tube socks.

Don’t Freeze Tomatoes!!!

Don’t freeze tomatoes. They will turn to mush when thawed.


Why We Should Eat More Vegetables But Not More Corn

We should all eat more vegetables. They are healthy. Some people get confused on what counts as a vegetable. Corn is a grain, not a vegetable. So corn doesn’t count. Now you know!

Sometimes I Feel Sad. Sometimes I Feel Happy.

I’m not always happy. Sometimes I am sad. Yesterday I found a dollar on the ground, and that made me happy. But when I picked it up it had poop on it, and that made me sad.

Red is My Favorite Color. What is Yours?

I like the color red. It reminds me of stop signs and cherry pie. Candy canes are half red. Isn’t that interesting? Do you like the color red?