Go Ahead. Spam Me.
I Dare You Biotch!

Chad The Mad GouliaMy name’s Chad “The Mad” Goulia, and as is implied by my righteous nickname, I’m mad as hell! You want to trash my blog with your inane bullshit comments then go right ahead bucko! I don’t care. I got bigger plans that involve very big ideas and they dwarf any damage you could possible do to my blog with your cheesy keyword names, self-puffery, and stupid hyperlinks composed of long strings of vowel free gobbledygook.

Get Chadized

Making money and getting rich isn’t just really fun, it’s your God given right as an American. Our founding fathers understood this well. That’s why “getting rich” is the very first amendment. Well, maybe not the very first, but it’s definitely in there somewhere. Probably in the preamble or something.

Even Jesus told his disciples to get rich when he said “It’s better to be a rich man in heaven that stick a camel in the eye with a needle” and “Give a man a fish and he eats once. Teach a man to fish and you can sell him a pole, a reel, some lures, a net, and a license.”

Hell yeah! Now go get Chadized™!

My Big Plans

  • Launch my new MLM plan using my patented Reach Around Stimulus™ method that will turn you into a money making machine!
  • Take on both Twitter and Facebook with my new TwitFace™ iPhone app. You can cancel both of your accounts right now as my new app will render them fully superfluous. I’m totally fucking serious!
  • The world wide launch of my new  product Toastsicles™. It’s frozen toast on a stick and it’s totally righteous and will only be available through my new affiliate marketing network. So get in early if you want to join the frozen baked goods on a stick revolution and get totally mindfucking rich!
  • Work on my abs. This is a totally personal project but come 2011 I’m going to have a six pack so hard a Nicaraguan peasant woman could wash her cloths on it.