This Post is Not Factual…It’s Just an Opinion

This post does not contain any substantiated facts. It is totally comprised of opinion and conjecture. And that’s the absolute truth!

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  1. Nobody ever created a blog for the right reasons. An analysis by UCLA shows the following motives for blog creation:-

    51% of blogs were created because the owner thought they were the miracle solution to internet marketing of a useless product.

    42% of blogs were created by people who had the mistaken hope that anybody would actually want to know their thoughts.

    7% of blogs were created by people who wanted a website, but were not clever enough to code a real one.

    • Chad "The Mad" Goulia

      And another 3 percent did it on a dare when they were drunk. I know that makes 103% but that is easily remedied by the plus or minus three percentage points that is standard on these surveys.

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