European Metric Time Versus American Standard Time

In the United States we us standard time but in Europe they use metric time. There are 100 metric seconds in a metric minute. There are 100 metric minutes in a metric hour. And there are 10 metric hours in a metric day. This is why Europeans take such long lunches. To them it’s only an hour but to use it’s like three hours, so to Americans, European workers seem rather lazy and self indulgent. Especially the French. Though that is not related to their long lunches and is more of an attitude thing.

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  1. Thank you..really informative!!

  2. Chad "The Mad" Goulia

    Dude, show some fucking imagination. You posted the exact same comment on another post. I’ve deleted your hyperlink on your “name” and if you pull this bullshit again I’ll delete your other link. Or better yet, I’ll change your name to ass-wipe. How’s that for a keyword biotch!.

  3. Just curious about what all this rant is about. I hat spam and I will fight it with every weapon in my disposition, so keep up the good work.
    As for the current topic I think I understand the humor but calling Europeans workers lazy seems too harsh and it’s always the French that get the short end of the stick. I have been to France for a year maybe not on the same region you were but I don’t think they are any lazier than us here in the US. No need for me to draw an extensive comparison between any 2 continents, I just embrace our differences.

    • Chad "The Mad" Goulia

      Let me rephrase that Mary. Adrien and his asshole brother Marcel are lazy. Spent a week with them in their east Toulouse flat and they just sat around, ate cheese and complained about not being appreciated. What Losers!

  4. Thanks for taking time to follow up on my comments. I have to say I have seen worse then Marcel and his brother here in the US. So you see laziness does not really prevail in one continent or the other. It all depends on individuals not a whole nation or community. Some people just have more motivation then others

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